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Written and Directed by Geneviève Flati and Nathan Makaryk


Website: https://www.lesmizandfriends.com
Instagram : LesMizandFriends
Twitter : @LesMizAF



"Too funny to be missed! Too smart to be ignored! Nathan Makaryk and Genvieve Flati have created an incredible show that keeps unfolding new layers of funny with each scene. I wish I had seen it sooner so I could have recommended it for more people. The acting and puppetry were both spot on. Even the singing was shockingly good in this total deconstruction of Les Miserable. If you hate the original, you will applaud this witty puncturing of plot line. If you love the original, you will enjoy how much they studied the novel, the play and the film to create this delicious catastrophe. Get your tickets and don't be left out!"  - Greg Ballora- The Muppets, Jim Henson Company Puppeteer

"A real achievement in puppet ridiculousness. And I didn't know much about Les Miserables other than a dude stole some bread and then all hell breaks loose and then there's a kid. And a barricade. But that didn't matter- you don't need to know squat about Les Miserables to enjoy this. Really great cast and fine ass puppetry. "  -Michael Oosterom, Puppeteer for Netflix, The Muppets, The Jim Henson Company

Les Miz and Friends is a non-stop Joy Ride. The co-creators Geneviève Flati and Nathan Makaryk have put together an insanely funny deconstructed loving wink and a nod to Les Miserables. The cast, Puppets, script, Improv blend into a delicious night of Theatre. AND The singing is spectacular. GO!....This Show is truly FABULOUS on every level. A non-stop razor sharp fest of humor and irreverent story telling. The cast is talented on EVERY level.  The hilarious story told with the aid of WONDERFUL puppets and puppetry is a MUST SEE!!! If you love to laugh (and who doesn’t) GO SEE THIS SHOW!!! - Peggy Etra, The Jim Henson Company

 "Have you bought tickets to see Les Miz and Friends a Pupppet Parody in LA? If you haven't, then you definitely should! This past weekend was my second time seeing it and it was amazingly funny. Please do yourself a favor, and go see it. If you haven't been out to see live theater in a while, this is definitely the show to see. " -Art Vega, The Muppets, Walt Disney Company Puppet Specialist/Trainer 

"These puppets steal the show with their clever bawdy humor." -Cindy Popp, CBS Emmy Award Winning Director

“HILARIOUS!” - Greg Gory, of LA’s 98.7 “The Woody Show”

We had a blast!" - Allison Guinn, National Tour of Les Miserables, Madame Thenardier

"Brilliant!!!! It was everything and more." - J. Anthony Crane, National Tour of Les Miserables, Monsieur Thenardier

"A bunch of our board members saw this show over the weekend and was thoroughly entertained by this hilarious deconstruction of a beloved musical. The writing was witty, the puppetry was well done, and the performance was super entertaining. This is your final week to catch it. Don’t miss out!" -LA Guild of Puppetry

MORE AUDIENCE REVIEWS (from social media):

"Such an amazing show. You can tell the authors love Les Miserables, while seeing and exploiting its many flaws to hilarious ends. " - Jeremy Saje, Audience Review

"It’s a wonderfully hilarious show that mixes the styles of South ParkAvenueQ, and Les Mis. Extremely witty, jokes range from butt humor to high level musical theatre critique, and it’s absolutely not kid friendly haha Grab a drink, a date, and get tix before they sell out! " - Jacob Ockwood, Audience Review

"I don't know how the actors stayed in serious mode character when this show was so funny! All of the actors, singers, puppeteers were perfect!" -Chantile Em, Audience Review

"Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing @lesmizandfriends, a production of Les Miserables...with puppets! Pairing such a bleak story with furry and felted friends alone brings a since of awkward satisfaction, especially with the great cast of actors, singers and puppeteers involved. But this show went even deeper than that, taking a smart, critical approach to the classic story. It’s analysis, which covers the original Victor Hugo novel, the stage productions and the movie adaptations breaks up all of the nonsense surrounding the story’s characters and situations, modernizing its dated elements while still keeping its history intact. Though it parodies with this biting commentary, it also shows why Les Miserables is such a beloved production to begin with. If you are a solid fan who loves Les Miz, you’ll not want to miss this fresh interpretation. If you hate Les Miz, you’ll definitely not want to miss this insightful deconstruction. And if you are unfamiliar with Les Miz, you’ll still find this show hilarious and that much more informative. It’s a show for everyone! Except kids. This is not a puppet show for kids..."  - William O. Tyler, Former Disney Puppeteer, Perception Check Studio






Written and directed by Geneviève Flati and Nathan Makaryk
Based on the novel by Victor Hugo and the musical by Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg
Stage Manager: Lauren Shoemaker
Lighting Designer: Ray Long
Audio Technician: Rachel Deering
Musical Accompaniment Orchestrator and Arranger: Devin Norris
Vocal Coach & Music Consultant: Jenny Schniepp
Casting Director: Lindsay Brooks
Costume Coordinator: Lauren Shoemaker
Publicist: Melissa Gruhin
Technical Crew: Ray Long
Assistant Props & Puppet Maintenance: Chris Patstone
Box Office Host: Britany Long

Executive Producer: Nathan Makaryk
Associate Producer: Geneviève Flati